Brian Taylor


I have been a lifelong resident of Indianapolis growing up on the southeast side. I am married and have 1 daughter. I started my career working for a large underground construction company with first-hand knowledge of how to displace water over 20 years ago. After 7 years in  underground construction, I started a construction management company in charge of building custom homes. While in charge of building custom homes it always bothered me that crawl spaces were finished with laying visqueen on top of the pea gravel. I knew there had to be a better way to stop moisture. In 2003 I went to work for a large Industrial/ commercial construction company, as a superintendent, my duties led me to be in charge of multi-million dollar projects. After helping my partner Ed Kittle install "SilverBack” in his home, I knew this was better than regular visqueen over a dirt or pea gravel floor. I researched the facts about crawl spaces, stack effect, air circulation, and conditioned crawls, and don’t know why anyone would build a home with a vented crawl space. Along with my business partner we want to share our knowledge and passion, “Crawl Space Solutions of Indiana”




OHSHA 30 hour

  Confined space training

  CPR/ First aid